Jazz Meets Cultures Festival

The Foundation Jazz Meets Cultures annually organizes a fundraising event
called the ‘Jazz Meets Cultures Festival’.

Jazz is a music genre originating in the African-American communities of New Orleans (United States) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with its roots in blues and ragtime. Recognizing the wide range of expression and the depth of feeling that Jazz can reach through its various forms, many view it as 'America's classical music'.
The Jazz Meets Cultures Festival is a concept developed in Curaçao, that combines Jazz music with music genres of Curaçao and the Caribbean, retaining these other genres’ own musical identities. The responsibility for the resulting, colorful music lays with Dennis Aalse & his Big Band, who implement the festival’s concept together with other music groups and singers.

Just imagine:

a wind instrument (like a trumpet or perhaps a trombone), improvizes on a thought or feeling, forming a duet with a Tambú or a Seú. That is one example of the distinctive collaborations this noteworthy musical event can feature. The Jazz Meets Cultures Festival offers a most interesting
listening experience with no limits for creative musical combinations

A fundraising event to give the youth the opportunity to
develop their musical and dance talents.