Foundation Jazz Meets Cultures

The Foundation Jazz Meets Cultures, residing in Curaçao,
was founded in 2018 with the purpose of:

Organizing, coordinating and presenting music concerts, dance events of various cultures from Curaçao and from other countries;
Bringing music and cultures from many countries together in general and combining Jazz music with other music genres in particular;
Organizing, coordinating and giving courses, training, workshops – education in the broad sense of the word – in music and dance, especially for talented youths.
Funds are raised for activities developing talents and abilities in persons with a certain potential, so that they can give meaning and positive direction to their lives. The aim is also to put them in a better position to get and keep employment.

The Foundation Jazz Meets Cultures seeks to organize and coordinate courses and workshops in music, dance and laboral empowerment for talented people in our community. We focus primarily on youths from families facing persistent challenges of financial and other kind, which stalls the needed progress for becoming well balanced and productive inhabitants of Curaçao.

The Festival is one of several activities in the field of music and dance that the Foundation hosts, in order to generate funds for reaching its goals. The concerts and festivals will be characterized by the combination of jazz with local music of Curaçao and of other (island) nations.

Simultaneously this festival offers these youths the opportunity to give high level performances in front of an international audience. So, apart from fashioning our youths for success and raising appreciation and growth for our culture, the Jazz Meets Cultures Festival contributes to broadening our touristic product and to making it more appealing.

The Jazz Meets Cultures Festival perfectly matches the objectives of the Foundation. The multicultural music of the festival annually attracts a local audience and international guests. The visitors come not only to enjoy the festival, but also to experience something that is unique. The festival helps placing Curaçao as a stage for the Caribbean.